Ferrari F8 Tributo – New or based on the Ferrari 488?

The brand new F8 Tributo is a continuation of Ferrari’s original form, thanks in particular to its improved and impressive design. The mid-engined supercar, whose name means “tribute” in English, replaces the 488 GTB’s modest success with customers. While the Tributo is similar to this model, it has four round taillights that actually look like the 812 Superfast and a rear window shutter like the F40. Unfortunately we do not understand why Ferrari takes over the taillights of the Ferrari Superfast when almost all customers emphasize that they do not like the lights. Many even claim that the taillights of the Superfast remind of a Corvette and that is probably the last thing a Ferrari owner would like to hear. The rest of the sinewy body is more aerodynamic than its predecessor and remains a distinctive member of the Prancing Horse family. Nevertheless, it seems much more overloaded than its predecessors.

Inside, the Ferrari Tributo has been completely redesigned and modernized compared to the predecessor Ferrari 488. The driver-centered dashboard offers a mix of traditional switchgear, digital displays and premium quality materials that continue throughout the two-seater cabin. The flat-bottomed steering wheel has a smaller diameter than before, but a pair of paddle shifters provide a familiar backdrop that you’d expect in a Ferrari. The passenger faces a brand new 7.0-inch touchscreen, which, according to Ferrari, “will significantly improve the on-board environment”. We believe that the focus should be on something other than to excite the passenger.


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