Ferrari laFerrari Tuning – A Hypercar on 21 Inch Aerospace Wheels

Ferrari laFerrari Tuning - A Hypercar on 21 Inch Wheels


Tuning a Supercar nowadays is nothing special anymore but tuning a hyper car, it is. LOMA is world wide known for their super rich clientele and they are also very well known to use some crazy and unusual materials for their products. In this case we speak about Aerospace aluminium. Yes, you read right – Aerospace. A material that is used to build satellites or the ISS-Space Station. Why in gods name someone would do that? According to LOMA CEO Mario Radosavljevic is the the hardest and yet most lightweight aluminium on the planet.

Back in the days they used Magnesium Wheels to build superlight rims, but the problem with Magnesium is, that it catches very easy fire. Imagine you drive on the highway and your tire explodes and while the car is still driving, your magnesium wheels are touching the concrete. You will end up in a unseen fire ball. T7075 Aluminium has nearly the same advantages when it comes to super low weight and stiffness but with the huge point, it doesn’t catch fire. The disadvantage is, that it is super expensive as really really rare but the riches love exactly that. Not everyone can have them. Not only because of the price but because you need to qualify yourself as a Aerospace customer at LOMA. Having just the money, seems not to be enough these days.


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