How Bentley Changed the Game Thanks to the Continental GT

How Bentley Changed the Game Thanks to the Continental GT


Bentley has come a long way since 2003, and it started with the Continental GT.

Bentley today wafts through commonly understood ultra-luxury-car circles as an established player, ducking it out with high-end Porsches, Rolls Royces, and others for the richest Europeans’ cash. But in 2003, Bentley was in a very different (and worse) position in the new-car market. So the one million dollar questions is, how did it go from a niche player, a British curiosity floated along by platforms and engines borrowed from Rolls-Royce, to producing more than 10,000 cars a year?

The short answer is: the Continental GT, which appeared—first as a coupe, then later as a convertible—in 2003, using a classic Bentley name. This was the first modern Bentley, with a design in modern fashion under the tutelage of the Volkswagen Group, which Bentley joined in 1998. The GT used components that mostly came from Volkswagen and Audi, including its unusual twin-turbocharged W-12 engine but the exterior design was now, for the young entrepreneur that want to show success instead choosing a design that looks like for Lord Stanly that is 120 years old. Unlike in the Rolls-Royce days, the Conti‘s components were blended with the GT’s retro-modern good looks inside and out such that they weren’t immediately noticeable as having been borrowed. However, since the launch of the new GT, controversies started, if you can drive it yourself or you need a driver. While the old-fashioned where in deep discussions, the new generation ordered the new Bentley and started driving it on a daily basis without having endless problems as in the past and without the need to have a gas station in the trunk. Don’t get us wrong, you still needed a good net on gas stations for the new GT as the consumption was far from normal, but Bentley finally arrived in the new age.

The interior had a pure luxury style while still being sportive, especially with the Mulliner package. Overall we have to say, the GT was and is a huge success and no matter if you are driving on the streets of London or you are cruising in the street of Monaco, you can see the GT everywhere.


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