Rim Lug Nuts for your Safety can look Awesome too

Rim Lug Nuts for your Safety can look Awesome too


When thinking about safety lug nuts or lock, you have in mind the typical one that look old and weird. Not so if you consider the Wheel Lug Nuts from TORXFAST. They are actually all safety lug nuts with an anti theft system and not only one as you know them usually. Therefore, you have five anti-theft bolts per rim and not only one which is the purest form of safety. What makes them also unique is, that they come anodized in gloss Black and lasered with the TORXFAST Logo and this makes every wheel look worlds better. In reality 9 from 10 customers are choosing to have their rims colored in gloss black and so the match would be perfect. For those that don’t want gloss black, the company have the offer also for Gunmetal or Silver. More individualization is impossible.

You wonder now what the price for it will be and this it to us the best part. Usually you pay for 20 normal lug nuts with 4 safety locks around 280 EUR to 310 EUR depending on the European manufacturer. At TORXFAST you get a price of 266 Euros while having them painted and getting 20 safety locks. Simply incredible and worth all day long if you ask us.


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