Is the BMW M5 better than the Mercedes E63 AMG?

Is the BMW M5 better than the Mercedes E63 AMG?


The BWM M5 is a weapon no doubt about it. Especially in the Competition variant, the M5 is clearly made for track fun. Does it have enough Power to draw a smile on your face? Does it accelerate like a wild beast on Testosterone? Yes and again Yes and yet it has some problems.

One of the main problems is that the BMW M5 can not decide, is it a track monster or is it a daily usable car. How can we say such blasphemed words about this icon? Well easy. If you have the chance to drive the car for a day or two, then you will find out clearly where the problems are. The seats are without any comfort and combined with the M-Suspension, you have on bad roads the feeling like you sit on a donkey that is on drugs. You are literally jumping inside the car around. You can live with that in a pure sports car as you know you want drive it on a daily basis but in a 5-seater sedan like the BMW, you don’t want that nonstop. If you are 18 years old you would probably say, good damn, this is my smallest problem, lets lower the car, and we would agree. But unfortunately not many 18 years old will have 150.000 Euro plus extras to buy the M5 and so this opinion does not really count.

The clientele that will and can afford this new M-Model need the car for a daily drive and there we have to say, compare to the Mercedes E63 AMG S, AMG made a better job for daily use.

One of the most disturbing things is the usability of the media gadgets. It is so over complicated that you will spend a hole day in just pressing buttons and discover menus without really knowing what the hell you do. This problem is known for some years in all BMW models but here in the M5, the raised the benchmark for stupid programming for beyond anything you ever can imagine. We think that this is a shame, as overall the car is fantastic, when you take away the annoying factor BMW created. BMW we give you an idea. If for years customers complain that the menu is over complicated, maybe it is just as everyone feels about it. There is no need to create such complicated menus just to make the car look more technical.

You’re right, we are complaining but what should we do? Saying the car is fast? Yes it is faster than you ever can imagine. Should we say that the quality is good? Yes it is, its amazing for this class and many other things, but we have to mention that there are two major things that are not only bad but horrible and this will maybe help to change this in the next models. Hopefully.

So to answer the question, if the M5 is better than the Mercedes E63 AMG? A clear NO is the answer. In any category is the AMG better than the M5 and this not, because the car is bad, but because BMW decided to go into the wrong direction and lose the perfect potential of the BMW M5.


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