Porsche Panamera better with 22 Inch Custom Wheels?

Porsche Panamera better with 22 Inch Custom Wheels?


Is the new Porsche Panamera with 22 Inch Custom Wheels better? Well, that is not the right question. Better for what?

Will it look better? Clearly Yes. Will it drive better? With today tires also a clear Yes. Will it perform better? Let’s answer this with a question. Do you buy the Panamera to compete on the race track? You see, that would be exactly the same question. A Porsche Panamera is a status symbol and it should show your status and prestige to the world. Who denies this, is living on Ibiza and smoking weed all day long or is unemployed. The Porsche Panamera is a state of the art luxury limousine that gives a clear statement about the owner.

The big benefits of the Panamera is driving it on the Autobahn on long distance. Comfortable and always enough power to overtake. With the Turbo, you have enough power to paint a nice smile in your own face as the acceleration is out from this world. A cabin that looks very high-tec and modern is what give you all day the feeling, to own something special.

So why then change the wheels? That is very easy to answer.

First of all, the stock rims are to small and to normal and secondly, if you are a person that want to stand out from the crowd, you need your own special touch on the car. How can you achieve that better than with some special forged custom rims. Think about it.


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