Adrenaline Dose with this 1000 HP Audi RS6

Adrenaline Dose with this 1000 HP Audi RS6


What a Car! The Audi RS6 is since decades one of the most adorable cars in the Audi community but equipped with a flat out 1000 HP engine, it’s just mind-blowing. Here some crazy numbers: 0-60 mph (-96.56 km/h) in 2.6 seconds and a top speed of 375 kph. With these figures you can easily fight a Koenigsegg if you see one on the streets and you can be sure that the side passenger is feeling like in an F16.

The car was lowered also with the serial air suspension and equipped with LOMA RS1 Superlight wheels in 21 x 10,5 Inches in a deep concave design. Continental made a special set of tires to reach the maximum speed possible while still being safe not to disappear in the micro cosmos.

Attached is the full gallery of the car and a video of a test drive from our Dutch colleagues. Enjoy!


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