5 Things I HATE about my Mercedes AMG E63S

5 Things I HATE about my Mercedes AMG C63S

Unbelievable, but one complete year is already over after purchasing the Mercedes E63S AMG! The car is great but far away from perfect and here is why.

Point 1: The Weight

The E63 AMG weighs 4515 pounds (2.05 t), what is equivalent to 13,7 Sumo Wrestlers. It is an all wheel drive and goes very well but there is no way to hide the weight. While the steering is really wonderful and light with just a bit of body roll, I would wish it had less.

Point 2: The Price

I paid $140,000 which is still a house less than I would pay in Europe where the price with a suitable package will be around $190,000 for the car. For this price you can buy a preowned Rolls Royce Wraith with really no millage, or a Bentley GT that will be just as the Rolls on a complete new luxury level. Is it worth the price? No way. That kind of money for a car that looks nearly same as a Mercedes 200 Diesel, cant be in the price range of true luxury cars.

Point 3: The Front View Camera

Just one button to activate the camera. While other brands have cameras in 360 mode and or on the front, so I don’t hit the curb when parking in a front line and same on the rear and on the side, so I don’t hit the curbs while parking it, the E63 AMG needs an adjustment after clicking the button to find the right view and angle. Sounds like nothing? Well then go and park 10 times a day and I’ll ask you again.

Point 4: The Suspension

The suspension is so hard that you have to be hardcore to live with this. It is harsh on the bumps and that in the comfort modus. Not really the best way for a luxury sedan. The difference between sport and comfort is not really noticeable and that could be done better as it is far away from S-Class experience.

Point 5: The Full Economy

The consumption is far away from what Mercedes is promising. Never had the chance to drive it to the numbers they advertise. However, I love driving it but that are my points.


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