Pininfarina BATISTA 1900 Horsepower with Electric Power

Pininfarina BATISTA 1900 Horsepower Electric Car


Italian Design-Legend Pininfarina has shocked the automotive Industry with this breathtaking car — The Battista.

For years, he was responsible for the designs at Ferrari until he decided to go new paths. After a while of silence, he presents now this and if you look at the faces of the so called old sports car manufacturers, you can imagine that sleepless nights are just the beginning of a new era. Typical Pininfarina he does not want to present just a prototype model but a finished car and so this baby here is driving on the streets all day long. The front end is so incredible nice without being over the top if that is in any way possible to use as description. The body is in a state of flow as it the Universe itself was the creator of this piece of art. Nobody in the industry have that kind of feeling like Pininfarina and what’s typical for his work, in 30 years it still will be breathtaking.


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